Alan, a landlord who wants a fair deal

I am a ‘landlord for over 40 years’, my preferred tenants are single mums with 1 or 2 kids; why? they will almost always be the best house keepers and rent payers. I always keep the rent about $15-20/week below market and that way give long term stability to these tenants. 

My beef is with a ‘landlord I know who knowingly lyingly gives a six month ’renewable’ tenancy every 12 months. His trick is to kick the tenants out every 6 months and leave the place vacant for 6 months. Must be some form of tax scam? This is a regular occurrence and the claim is always the same ‘I need vacant possession’ CLEARLY NOT TRUE such landlords need to be dealt with by fining them the tenant’s moving in and out costs and as a minimum and paying to account for their disturbance in life. 


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