Everyone needs a home during a crisis

Rental properties are people’s homes. Renters deserve the same security and quality of life as home owners - especially during a pandemic where everyone is being told to stay home.

The fragility of our housing - and our entire economic system - has been brought into sharp focus by this pandemic. When the health advice and mandated restrictions are to ‘stay home’, the stark reality for so many who are homeless or live in insecure housing situations, comes to the fore.

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For people who rent, and those get their income from casual, freelance or contract work (and these situations so often go hand in hand), the effect is devastating. And given that around a third of people in Australia rent their homes, this affects millions of people.

Back in 2018 we were successful in making some amendments to the Residential Tenancy's Act, to afford renters some additional protections. However, there is still a lot more that needs to change to make renting a secure form of housing for people.

We've done the numbers more than half of NSW Cabinet Ministers own two or more properties, with a couple owning as many 12 and 15 each - given this clear conflict of interest - is it any surprise that they are stalling when it comes to removing the hugely unfair No Grounds Evictions, that make it next to impossible for renters to access their rights under the law?


  • Important Update for Renters and Tenants - COVID19

    [UPDATE May 14, 2020]

    Legislation Passed Supporting Renters

    The NSW Parliament passed the Covid-19 Emergency Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020 No 2 yesterday which included amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 to be in force during the emergency period - a big step forward from where the government stood just a few weeks ago regarding protections for renters. 

    The amendments gave renters two important wins: 

    1)  renters may be able to break their leases with reduced penalties by applying through the Tribunal under certain circumstances: if the landlord has refused to negotiate rent relief, or refused to negotiate in good faith or, if a tenant and a landlord are unable to come to an agreement on a fair and affordable rent reduction. 

    2)  renters and households who are Covid-19 impacted (by losing more than 25% of their incomes or the household's income), will be able to receive reduced rents via a compensation fund that will support landlords who can show hardship and who pass on rent reductions to tenants.

    The Greens put up a series of amendments which would have given renters more significant support at this time in key areas:  

    • giving the Tribunal the power to impose reduced rents and to prioritize renters' applications as urgent
    • rent relief for renters and landlords in financial hardship 
    • restricting the ability of landlords to evict tenants on no grounds
    • stopping retaliatory evictions
    • break lease option without any financial penalty 
    • maintenance records available on request to renters
    • allowance of pets to give tenants more flexibility when seeking a home

    Jenny provided a wrap up of what happened on Facebook live after the legislation passed which you can watch here.

    To find the details about these changes and other measures and how they can help in your specific circumstances, go to the Department of Fair Trading site or check out the information on the Tenants Union site.

    We will continue to work for a better deal for renters especially during this pandemic when the right to an affordable, livable home is more crucial than ever. 

    UPDATE April 13, 2020]

    Overdue Eviction Moratorium Welcome, But No Rent Relief Yet

    Today the NSW Government finally made clear their plans to enact a moratorium on evictions in NSW renters and other measures to protect commercial and residential tenants during this pandemic.

    These measures will see much needed protection put in place, but is it unclear whether the money allocated to the package will actually assist in reducing rents at this time.

    If you are a renter and need the full detail for what it means for you - check it out here - we would also encourage you to read the information on the NSW Tenants Union site here.

    The moratorium on evictions in NSW, including protection from being blacklisted, will provide crucial protection for those who have been living with the stress of being evicted into homelessness because they can’t pay their rent.

    The announcement also includes an additional funding boost of $2.3. million for advice and advocacy services to the NSW Tenants Union so that they can continue to support tenants through these negotiations with their landlords.

    Read the Greens media statement in response to the announcement here.

    The announcement today does not include direct financial support for renters - it remains to be seen whether the measures put in place to support tenants in negotiations and incentivise landlords to provide rent reductions - will be enough.

    The Greens are committed to ensuring that no-one is evicted into homelessness during this pandemic - or left with a massive rent debt when it is finally over.


    [UPDATE April 9, 2020]

    Renters waiting while Minister enjoys Pearl Beach ‘Holiday’ Home

    It seems the NSW Arts Minister has been flouting the restrictions and spending time at his holiday home in Pearl Beach, while artists and the entire creative industry suffers as a result of this pandemic.

    Read more about this and the need for urgent rental relief for tenants - many of whom are artists, musos and creatives - on Jenny's facebook here.


    [UPDATE March 30, 2020]

    A Moratorium on Evictions

    Last night Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a number of significant and much needed measures to protect renters and tenants during this pandemic.

    Commercial and residential tenancies

    As part of its work on helping businesses hibernate, National Cabinet agreed that short-term intervention is needed for commercial tenancies. Work on this has begun, but there is more to do, including for residential tenancies. 

    National Cabinet agreed to a moratorium on evictions over the next six months for commercial and residential tenancies in financial distress who are unable to meet their commitments due to the impact of coronavirus.''

    Read the full statement and details here.

    This is a vital first step in protecting renters to ensure that no one is forced into homelessness as a result of losing their jobs at this time. And I know this is a massive relief for so many people who have lost their income and didn't know how they were going to pay their rent this week. 

    Thank you to everyone who signed the petition calling for a moratorium and have been pushing for this with us over the last weeks. 

    It's now up to the NSW government to enact changes and bring this into law. There is nothing stopping them from acting on this - and putting the moratorium in place today. This is because we were able to secure much needed amendments to the NSW COVID-19 Emergency Measures Act to give them the power to act for renters and tenants immediately (read more about that below). 

    We know that a moratorium on evictions is a crucial step - but more needs to be done.

    A moratorium without direct financial support to renters is only pushing the problem further down the road.

    We know that many renters have lost their income, so the last thing they need is to be living with the reality of an ever growing rental arrears debt. At the end of this pandemic, it isn’t acceptable for people who rent to be left with huge and unserviceable debts. 

    If significant amounts of direct financial support can be handed out to big business and banks in this current crisis, then there is no excuse for not also providing direct financial support to renters.

    These are our priorities: that NO-ONE is evicted into homelessness and that renters are financially supported so they don’t accrue massive debts.

    To ensure no-one is evicted in to homelessness during this pandemic:

    1. Immediate action by the NSW Government to implement the moratorium on evictions as agreed by National Cabinet
    2. Direct financial support for renters to ensure they do not accrue large debts as a result of not being able to pay rent
    3. Rents frozen for the next 12 months so that renters going back into the workforce won't face increased rents and rental stress during this transition period 
    4. No mortgage foreclosures, so housing isn’t lost due to people being unable to meet their mortgage repayments.
    5. Support and access for international students, refugees and asylum seekers and other visa holders, so that no one, no matter what their citizenship status, is homelessness during this pandemic

    In addition to this, we have been working closely with Homelessness NSW and other key homelessness services to ensure that protections and plans are in place to house people who are currently homeless, living in boarding houses or find themselves in other specific circumstances and need specialist housing and support. 

    We are also working to support local businesses to ensure they are updated and connected with supports for them - get in touch if you want to know more about this.

    We will continue to provide updates and share more details as they are available.

    In the meantime - we urge you to contact the Premier and the NSW Minister responsible for residential tenancies - to share your story and explain why they need to act immediately.



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