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There is help available if you are currently renting and trying to negotiate a rent reduction, are facing an eviction or need other assistance.


One on one assistance for your specific situation

The Tenants Union provide one on one assistance for renters facing evictions, needing to negotiate rent reductions and other tenancy issues.

Tenants Union  - Tenants' Advice Line

1800 251 101


Find out what your rights are as a tenant during COVID-19

The NSW Department of Fair Trading has the most up to date information about the most recent protections for renters during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In April 2020, NSW Government announced their plans to enact a moratorium on evictions in NSW renters and other measures to protect commercial and residential tenants during this pandemic.

These measures will see much needed protection put in place, but is it unclear whether the money allocated to the package will actually assist in reducing rents at this time.

If you are a renter and need the full detail for what it means for you - check it out here - we would also encourage you to read the information on the NSW Tenants Union site here.

The moratorium on evictions in NSW, including protection from being blacklisted, will provide crucial protection for those who have been living with the stress of being evicted into homelessness because they can’t pay their rent.

The announcement also includes an additional funding boost of $2.3. million for advice and advocacy services to the NSW Tenants Union so that they can continue to support tenants through these negotiations with their landlords.

Read the Greens media statement in response to the announcement here.

The announcement today does not include direct financial support for renters - it remains to be seen whether the measures put in place to support tenants in negotiations and incentivise landlords to provide rent reductions - will be enough.

The Greens are committed to ensuring that no-one is evicted into homelessness during this pandemic - or left with a massive rent debt when it is finally over.

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