Eliza - $10,000 bond!

I was told by my real estate that there would be a general inspection, when they came around it was in fact the owners with another real estate agent looking around to see what improvements they could make to the property and when I asked what all the changes were about I was told the owners were selling and they asked us to leave early. 

My boyfriend recently moved out of his rental property after the owners decided to jack up their annual rent by $200, I don’t really see how they can justify such a jump and I think that changes to the amount of rent that they are asking tenants should be regulated some how, if a person was aware that their rent could appreciate that much in a year I doubt that they would choose that property.

In his case when they moved in the owners also asked them to pay more rent than it was advertised for (which they took due to time restraints) and they also put the bond up to a staggering ten grand. It’s an absolute joke. I also think that if a real estate decides to penalize you for any damages made to the property that you as a renter should be able to request proof of payment eg. they state the carpet it stained – receipt of carpet clean or replacement.

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