I lived in Pitt St Randwick and was evicted at the end of the lease because, after advertising the unit as having a deck, the owner got nervous about children using it. I had just left a violent relationship and had a five year old and a one year old.

I was very very short of cash so had to scrounge money from friends and relatives to cover the new bond and the cost of the move. I didn't have a permanent job and found it very difficult to find a property that would lease to me. 

The flat I was living in was very old, and very cheap. I was unable to find a similar property in the short time I had to look, so my rent doubled and was then more than the single parent pension I was receiving. I wasn't getting Family Tax Benefit part B because my former partner was supposed to pay child support, but wasn't.

I lost a lot of weight, but luckily through the support of family and friends, we did not end up homeless.


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