Mould Plague

A very long story cut short. We are 3 adults, 2 cats and a snake. We found out our place we had moved into last year in march that the front yard fills up like a fish bowl and floods into the house everytime we have above a drizzle of rain.... which was ALOT in the last 18months. We nagged the real estate from june 2016 to rectify the damp/flooding, issue which quickly turned into a plague of black mould from November, all throughout 70% of the house. It took myself getting so sick from the mould that I had ended up having a severe asthma attack to the point i had passed out and lost all feeling in my whole body from lack of oxygen and having to call an ambulance, for the real estate to act on anything... this is after I had contacted LJ Hookers head office in Alexandria. The newtown office's response was to serve us a 24hr eviction notice and declaring the house inhabitable, because the land lord didn't want to reduce our rent, nor pay us compensation for our $2000+ in looses to mould damage. Instead of just rectifying the issue and having it properly repaired in the first place. Till this date my health is still terrible and hasn't quite bounced back yet, and are currently awaiting our 2nd court hearing at tribunal court, against our old property manager to get our money back for our troubles and stress that they had put us through.

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