What Needs To Change

We know that being a renter, dealing with the challenges around finding a place to rent, putting in requests for maintenance and coping with the threat of constantly having to move, all have a serious impact on people’s well-being.

We can make real changes to NSW rental laws that will give renters increased stability, improve the liveability of rental properties, and allow renters to make more choices about how they want to live.

The Greens want to:

  • Put an end to ‘no grounds’ evictions that allow landlords to evict a tenant without giving any reason
  • Put a cap on the number of times rents can be increased each year
  • Limit the amount that rents can be increased by each year
  • Ensure that dodgy landlords aren’t able to shirk their responsibilities around maintenance and repairs
  • Give landlords incentives for sustainability measures like solar power and solar hot water that are good for the environment and reduce costs for renters
  • Help renters understand and enforce their rights by increasing funding to tenants’ advice and advocacy services


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